New and Emerging X Technologies

Computer-Aided Process Planning Support Functions


Ramy Harik, Vincent Capponi, William Derigent, Muriel Lombard


Computer-Aided Design and Applications, 5(1-4), 953-962.


Aiming at automating the different trades intervening in mechanical parts’ design activities, one finds the weakest link within the interface linking the computer-aided design (CAD) trade and the computer-aided process planning (CAPP) trade where a huge semantic gap is detected. Works generally tend to optimise the pre-process planning trade (design/CAD) and post-process planning trade (machining/computer-aided manufacturing). So as to bridge in between CAD and CAPP, we present at first support functions that helps a process planner setting a process plan for an aircraft structural part. The proposed functions will be forwarded in the same order the planner questions himself during his first analysis. Each function is justified by presenting the need behind. We end up on the benefits of having such an assistance tool as we mention the future perspectives of our works.


automation, CAD, CAPP, CAM, flank milling, geometric modelling, computer-aided process planning, semantics, aircraft components, structural parts


Ramy Harik, William Derigent, & Gabriel Ris. (2008). Computer Aided Process Planning in Aircraft Manufacturing. Computer-Aided Design and Applications, 5(1-4), 953-962.