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The Sixth International Symposium on Automated Composites Manufacturing

March 4th – 8th, 2024

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We are delighted to host this in-person event at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA on March 4th – 8th, 2024 which includes keynote presentations, papers, poster sessions, and on site visits.

Paper Review Update

We are pleased to inform all contributors that the reviews for submitted papers are scheduled to be released by the first week of January.

Call for Posters

We invite you to contribute to our Poster Session, showcasing your innovative research and findings in the field of Automated Composites Manufacturing.


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The detailed program features a full list of the presenters and their topics, as it will be presented in March 2024.

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If you are looking forward to attend ACM6 , as it will be presented in March 2024

Keynote Presentations

We’re thrilled to announce our lineup of inspiring keynote speakers who will share their unique perspectives and insights on automated composites manufacturing. From cutting-edge technology to industry trends, they’ll offer valuable insights and practical advice to help you stay ahead of the curve. Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and motivated!

Dawn C. Jegley


Dr. Sayata Ghose

Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company

Dr. Sean Black

Senior Vice President at Spirit Aerosystems

Objective and Topics​

The objective of the ACM conference is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion on the latest development in automated composites manufacturing. The ACM6 2024 event included the following topics:

Subcategories: Design, Topology Optimization, Lightweight Structures

Description: Many of the problems in automated composites manufacturing stem from inadequate design, derived from poor communication between designers and manufacturing engineers. This results in prolonged product development and manufacturing, high development and manufacturing costs, and inefficient processes. The goal of this session is to address manufacturability issues during the development phase of composite structures.

Subcategories: Toolpath Planning, Process Parameter Modeling, Automation and Optimization

Description: Process planning is the crucial and often overlooked step that connects design to manufacturing. Process planning is necessary to define the specific machine inputs that will create the part and allows for mitigation of manufacturing-induced defects. The goal of this session is to address recent advancements in process planning automation, functions, and ontologies.

Subcategories: Simulation, Data-Driven Manufacturing, AR/VR/MR

Description: Virtual/Digital Manufacturing is becoming key in reducing cycle time development as well as unlocking new manufacturing possibilities. Simulation enhances process understanding while digital twins bring autonomy to once inflexible cells. Data augments the products and drives down production times and errors. Here the virtual world becomes integrated with that of the physical world to advance manufacturing. The goal of this session is to put forward recent advances in digital manufacturing in the context of composites.

Subcategories: Workforce Development, Educational Practices, Professional Training

Description: As the manufacturing world continues to rapidly develop and increase, the output of skilled workers from colleges and universities have declined. This session will address workforce development and education initiatives with the target to increase the composites aware population and graduate the future leaders of the domain.

Subcategories: AFP, Thermoforming, 3D Printing, Others

Description: This conference topic will explore the latest developments in automated manufacturing equipment for composites. We welcome submissions that highlight recent breakthroughs, novel methodologies, and innovative solutions in this rapidly evolving field. We are particularly interested in research that highlights the latest developments in the design, optimization, and implementation of automated manufacturing equipment for composites such as AFP, controllers, sensors, etc. We encourage submissions that address key challenges and opportunities, including but not limited to, process automation, quality control, material handling, and data analysis.

Subcategories: Green state inspection, NDE, Inspection

Description: This session covers all forms of inspection and NDE methods in the manufacturing lifecycle of a part. From green state to the final part, inspection and NDE accounts for a large amount of time in the construction of a part and are vital to final quality assurance.

Subcategories: Curing Technology, Curing Optimization, and In-situ Curing

Description: This session focuses on current advancements in the curing process for automated composite manufacturing. This session will focus on technology, optimization, and in-situ methods to improve the curing process which lead to superior structural properties, minimization of defects, or reduced cycle times.

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