New and Emerging X Technologies


Listed below are our devoted professors and the classes they teach at the University of South Carolina.

Prof. Ramy Harik

Ramy’s teaching history here

Advanced Concepts of Future Factories and Smart Manufacturing: Hardware Infrastructure, Future Factory Cyber Infrastructure, Industrial Internet of Things Machine to Machine Network, Machine Vision, Manufacturing Event Understanding and Future Factory Data Infrastructure.

Syllabus: EMCH 792 Smart Manufacturing

Development processes and organization, product planning, manufacturing principles, and prototyping.

Introduction to fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials, manufacturing methods and processes. Micro-Mechanics and properties of orthotropic laminated and woven composites. Analysis of composite structures (Mechanics and Synergistic environmental effects). Structure/property relationships. Characterization of modern composite materials. Design considerations.

Introduction to Smart Manufacturing and the Fundamental Concepts of Future Factories; Industrial Internet of Things; Digital Twin; Data Analytics; and Virtual Commissioning.

Syllabus: EMCH 561 Smart Manufacturing

Fundamental concepts in computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Numerically controlled manufacturing systems, computer controls in manufacturing, industrial robots, group technology and process planning, integrated manufacturing systems.

Basic principles of metal processing; applied mechanics of metal cutting and forming; cost analysis of manufacturing operations.

Syllabus: EMCH 377 Manufacturing

Dr. Noble C. Anumbe

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Introduction to decision making for engineering projects; Planning methods; Forecasting; Exploratory charts; Team building and leadership; Project scheduling; Project economics.