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DFMA+, A Quantitative DFMA Methodology


Ramy F Harik, Najwa Sahmrani


Computer-Aided Design and Applications, 7(5), 701-709.


Developed DFMA methodologies are qualitative based and often described with general guidelines. Such methods require experienced designers, assemblers and manufacturers with profound knowledge in order to evaluate the ability to assemble and or manufacture a certain product. In this paper we are presenting a detailed review state of the art of DFMA methodologies. Following this study we will identify the main parameters to be investigated in a DFMA study. For each parameter a weight will be assigned and a quantitative methodology (Value Engineering) will be identified,based on the part’s morphology, the process and the available resources. These methodologies will be described and applied on two study cases. A tool DFMA+, currently being developed, will be exposed. The article will end with conclusions on the present work and perspectives to enhance the current methodology.


DFMA, CAD/CAM, knowledge management, value engineering


Ramy Harik, & Najwa Sahmrani. (January 2010). DFMA+, a Quantitative DFMA Methodology. Computer-Aided Design and Applications, 7(5), 701-709.